Music has been such a big part of my life so far that it would be very difficult to see what my life might look like without it. It was singing over me at my birth, embracing me as a child, punching the air thru teenage angst, strumming the starry night when I proposed, and will hopefully be there for many more years yet!


For me it often feels easier to play out thoughts and feelings than to speak them or write them down. In that way I feel it is intrinsically linked to everything I do and so other than faith and family I would say music is pretty much integral to my existence! Therefore Man Of Music is a site showcasing the different ways I make my living through music.


I have a First in Music from Southampton Uni, over a decade of experience coaching & teaching and two decades playing in various orchestras and bands both locally, nationally and internationally.


Growing up I've been very fortunate to have some great interactive teachers as well as access to some fantastic gigs and music libraries. On reflection I would propose that music is perhaps at its best when able to be absorbed and shared with others rather than taught in a solitary way, although, realistically everyone would benefit from both to reach their potential.


Learning to play a few different instruments has been helpful as a writer and has meant getting to play in a wide variety of ensembles and genres. I've studied at both Southampton Uni and U.T. Austin, Texas. Being inspired by Ry Cooder I've also enjoyed spending time in different countries to get a better feel for music around the globe.


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"I would say music is pretty much integral to my existence!"

Hitch Thompson aka Cardie - Man Of Music


Musical passion


I've been inspired by sounds from every genre. From Opera to Hip-Hop, over the years I've journeyed through a mix from Classical to Jazz, onward to Soul/Funk, right thru to World, and any music with a mean beat in between.


Since the first time of hearing it I've always loved the Golden Soul era of the 60s & 70s. Being brought up on almost exclusively Classical music gave me a passion in my teens to search for fresh musical expressions and the need for some funky, sweet raw Soul and Jazz in my life.


Nowadays I enjoy shifting sensibilities between genres and discovering new gems depending on the mood and season.


My own work [under the alias Cardie ] features an eclectic mix of Indie, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Electro and Acoustic music.


Man Of Music

Passion + Inspiration =