I love to work on developing musical projects. From clients with little to no studio experience to artists who know exactly what they want I can offer a range of musical services.









Session work focuses mainly around my two Pianos/Vintage Keys & Synths although I also work with a full Acoustic & Electric Drum kit and a selection of various Acoustic & Electric Guitars.



I use Logic Pro 9 and have a great array of awesome top quality plug ins for digital sounds and a good few years of audio editing and midi programming experience.


For small mixes I am happy to do a basic mix although for bigger projects I usually prefer to ship out work to more specific mastering engineers.



[Having recently moved to Devon some studio work has had to be postponed temporarily whilst we have a purpose built studio put in. I hope to being a live studio service from around April 2016. In the interim its business as usual for clients who don't need to record in studio conditions. I've also been sessioning at a couple of bigger local studios which I'm happy to pass on details for.]

A picture of the old "Right Here Records' Studios in Southampton [pre sound proofing!]

recording/sound engineering





session work


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