An example of a typical cabaret show . . .


Usually lasting 1 hour shows include a combination of songs [with backing] and instrumentals. I also often use a violin, guitar or keyboard to bring variety to my act. [2016 prices start at £60 but for a full detailed price list with discounts please contact me.]

















Each session aims to include a mixture of the following










Every venue and audience is unique and I like getting to know regular clients/venues individually and planning a fantastic show for them to enjoy!

  • Easy listening & Big Band

  • Jazz standards

  • Soul/Motown

  • The Beatles

  • Songs from Films & Musicals

  • Songs from the 50s & 60s

  • Classical music

  • Pub songs

  • Songs from the War

  • Songs of Praise / A time for reflection

  • Therapeutic jam sessions & sing-a-longs

As well as playing in various groups I also go out on my own to perform cabaret-style shows, weddings and concerts in many different venues across the south of England from Concert halls to bars, thru to care homes.

  • A themed medley of songs in one of the styles above

  • Something the audience can choose to participate with e.g. clapping or singing

  • A positive thought / jokes / interesting anecdotes

  • Other tunes from a mixture of the styles listed above

  • An instrumental

I'm a registered friend of Dementia and having had Alzheimers in my family have a fair amount of 1st-hand experience. Also, having been a teacher for many years, and worked in my local community I've had to have many DBS checks over the years! I believe love is much more than a word, and enjoy working in homes to create a positive, peaceful, atmosphere wherever I work. For many years I've mixed in with all age groups in the churches I've attended and love hearing the wisdom and experience the older generation have to offer us young-uns!

Quality ? - I make every effort to provide a great value experience that particularly suits each venue - the more information I am given at the time of booking the better.


Equipment ? - I usually use a small amp/speakers for small venues and a keyboard/violin/guitar where needed. I can provide PA for much bigger audiences of 50 upward.


Cheesy Cabaret ? - Sadly some entertainers ruin their prospects by using awful quality/cheesy backings! I've made an effort to ensure my backings are the best quality I can find and sound the most like the original artist's recordings.

Solo entertainment

Working in Care Homes

Hitch at the Habit

I cover the following musical categories;