"Cardie's fresh and soulful sounds at our wedding service and reception provided the perfect backdrop to what was an amazing day. An awesome guy with a kaleidoscope of jazz, funk, soul and amazing talent."

The Comers, Evershot Village, Dorset


"Cardie understood exactly what was need when he played for us at our recent celebration dinner. His wide ranging musical talent was put to good use when selecting suitable music for the occasion, never an easy task when playing for an audience ranging from 9 years of age to 85! It was a great evening with great music."

Tony, Southampton


"Hitch is not just an accomplished musician; he's one of a kind. For me, he just oozes style and cool. If you want someone meticulously reliable to work with you, with the sort of prodigious talent to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, look no further than Hitch! I have used Hitch twice, once for a creative prayer event at Portsmouth Cathedral called 'Be Still' and once for my 50th Birthday Party - and on both occasions he was exceptional."

Stefan, Assistant Director of Studies, King Edward VI School, Southampton


"We value Hitch’s lessons because they are responsive to our daughter's individual needs and interests. Hitch teaches and encourages musicality and musical creativity as well as performance and technical skills. His style of motivational teaching encourages her to work hard, but at the same to have fun during her lesson. Our daughter really enjoys these lessons - she is always keen to complete the homework and practice-work that she has been set. Preparing for the next lesson is never a chore!"

Rose & Steve [Parents]


"I've found learning music theory really helpful. Hitch is great at coming up with quick ways to remember things!"

Seth, 14


"Hitch is an incredibly enthusiastic teacher, helping to work around and solve any problems you may have on the violin."

Will, 19


"Hitch taught me for several years from the age of 13/14 until I left college to go to university. He initially taught me violin; our lessons started at a time when I was losing interest in the instrument and had begun to find lessons dull and uninspiring. Hitch changed that - his broad range of tastes and obvious passion for the violin and for music was infectious and gave me a renewed excitement about performing and about music in general. From that point, our lessons would often be fluid in form, taking in jazz and classical repertoire, jazz harmony, songwriting and improvisation - Hitch's ability to switch focus and his sensitivity to my interests meant that the lessons were never dull. I've since gone on to study music at university and pursue it as a career, and I can safely say that this is in no small part down to Hitch's inspiring teaching."

Angus, past pupil, in band : Happy Mammoth, + House DJ


"Hitch is amazing" - Jack Williams, past pupil, performer in Wild Front


"I was at the start of writing my EP and needed real musical guidance to help me find my sound  for the project. From the first time at Cardie's studio I felt such a buzz of creativity and was so impressed with his extensive musical knowledge! One of the pieces Cardie worked on was an incredible multi layer cinematic score to which I was amazed by his attention to detail and how quickly we achieved the high professional standard I was looking for!"

'Saint Louis' Artist + DJ for LZ7


"Hitch was fun and engaging, and encouraged me to pursue the styles of music which interested me."

Tom, 17


"I really appreciated your enthusiastic and lively  approach, which was just what Tom needed at a time when he was finding school rather tedious."

Liz [Tom's mum]


"Not only has jazz piano been really helpful to me, its made me enjoy music more and see everything differently. Hitch has really helped motivate me - I'm not sure I'd still be doing any kind of music if it wasn't for him!"

Seth, 14


Man Of Music

Passion + Inspiration =